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Smart Farm Security

Fences and locks on doors are not enough. We offer 24-7 surveillance on your farm premises. You've spent a huge investment in your farm and you should protect it with the latest in smart farm technology.

We can alert you if anyone steps in your property regardless of where you are in the world.

We also integrate with Beacons so that you can have enhanced Biosecurity protection within your premises.

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Using our Patented technology, we are able to harvest phone signals to create cellular signatures and help identify friends from foe.


Its location agnostic, so regardless of where you are in the world, you will get peace of mind knowing when someone enters your property boundaries.


Enhance your Biosecurity protocols using Beacons and our patented technology. You can also use our tools as a time-tracking device for your staff and service providers.


Automatically integrate with mpowered©, the world leader in the agri-food block-chain ecosystem. Gain trust through transparentcy.


Use Bluetooth Low Energy and mesh networks to connect our hardware devices and give you unlimited connections that are simple to set up and provide unparalleled security.

Machine Learning

We can help you analyze your data by using our data scientist to create bespoke algorithms for your needs.

Our Solutions

We are experts in smart farm security systems

Advance Tech

Using our patented technology, you can have peace of mind that your valuable assets are protected 24-7.


We provide intrusion detection on your farm premises. You've spent a lot of money investing in your farm and you need more than just a fence or door locks to protect yourself from theft and mischief.


Given the rise of biosecurity threats you'll need all the help you can. We help you minimize biosecurity threats through 24-7 monitoring of premises, barns, and individual pens.

"Security is lacking and we need help"

Canadian Farmer

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Joele Sotomayere
Joel Sotomayor President & CEO
Idriss Soulee
Idris Soule CTO
Paul Taylor
Corrie Sloot Full Stack Developer

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